The WorkinWith spirit

Become a member of our multicultural and generational team

In the WorkinWith team, everyone naturally finds its place and integrates into our Competency Development Program and our project in an ethical and benevolent spirit.

Our Human Resources team and our Career Managers and Buddies surround our new resources from day one to welcome them, answer their questions and share with them the program of their skills development, their training and their intervention on the project.

Hand in hand, the relationship is forged over the long term. The resources are committed to their professional life and live the values of the company on a daily basis.

WorkinWith promotes equal opportunities within its teams as well as gender equality and guarantees equal pay and benefits.

Eclectic teams

A variety of jobs can be found on project, discover them

Our team members are passionate about consulting.

Their daily challenge is to optimize our clients' processes according to their needs and strategies.

They are curious, rigorous and like intellectual challenges.

They invest themselves in their projects with the ambition to bring more meaning to them.

They are consultants, developers, architects, project managers, ....

Master of your career

Develop your skills with our experts

Your success is also our success; we support your career progression aspirations with a personalized coaching, training and career path for you to grow and and reach your own career goals.

Throughout your professional life, you will evolve thanks to our expert consultants sharing their experience and know-how in the field and our junior consultants bringing new points of view.