D365 SCM Architect M/W/D

The D365 SCM Architect works on D365 F&O SCM ERP projects for WorkinWith’s clients. He brings his expertise, advises and supports clients in the different phases of the project. He also supervises the more junior profiles who work on the project and trains them in his field of expertise.

He also participates in pre-sales with a team of WorkinWith experts and estimates the workload and calculates the tasks to be carried out (professional estimate).As a Supply Chain expert, he is in charge of the architecture and design of the solution.
These interventions may require travel at a national or international level, depending on the client’s needs.

The D365 SCM Architect is in direct contact with the client. He gathers the needs of WorkinWith customers and designs and/or implements the technologies that best match the client’s business strategies and objectives.
The D365 SCM Architect is attached to the Supply Chain Management department and reports to the Country Manager.

The D365 SCM Architect organizes and provides training to end users during the different phases of the project so that they become familiar with the different functions of Dynamics.
As part of his role as Manager, he supervises the careers of less experienced profiles in his field of expertise.

In particular, they organise personal or telephone interviews where they train, support and answer questions; It identifies the areas of progress of its ‘sponsors’ and sets training courses that it supervises during the fiscal year. At the beginning of the year or from the very first days within WorkinWith, it also sets the objectives of its ‘sponsors’ in accordance with the defined regional and national strategy.

Main responsibilities

  • Provide your expertise on Microsoft D365 Supply Chain Management functions
  • Responsible for the architecture and design of the solution
  • Brings strong knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics D365 solution and evaluates the client’s business processes against Microsoft Dynamics features
  • Documents the client’s operational requirements by detailing the actions requested of the solution and the expected results
  • Collaborates, as necessary, with business stakeholders to ensure requirements, align with business objectives, and fully understand the client’s current and future processes
  • Collaborates, manages and leads meetings with functional/technical consultants and clients/end users
  • Adapts the Microsoft Dynamics solution to meet the client’s operational needs
  • Conducts user testing and trains users to handle and maintain the Microsoft Dynamics application
  • Develops production materials as needed
  • Organizes trainings during the different phases of the project in order to familiarize end users with the different functions of Dynamics in the field of Supply Chain Management of WorkinWith customers
  • Participates in pre-sales according to WorkinWith’s requests with a team of experts
  •  Oversees the careers of its sponsors
  • He/she supervises the work and tasks carried out on the projects by the more junior profiles in your field of expertise

Skills & qualifications

  • Minimum 7 years of experience as a Microsoft Dynamics D365 F&O expert with a specialty in Supply Chain Management
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in developing functional specifications for the enhancement and integration of Microsoft Dynamics D365 F&O
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in configuring, implementing, integrating and testing D365 F&O solutions using best implementation methods and/or Agile methodology


Studies at a university of applied sciences or polytechnic


Deutsch and English spoken and written


Würzburg /Hybrid

Start date of the contract

As soon as possible


WorkinWith offers attractive benefits and a progressive career within a team of experts.
You’ll enjoy a healthy and pleasant working environment, where company values are put into practice on a daily basis.
Telecommuting and flexible working hours.

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