D365 Finance Associate

The D365 Finance Associate works on D365 F&O Finance ERP projects for WorkinWith customers.

He/she is trained by the senior profiles who accompany him/her on the project, both on the functional level and on the methodology and the consultant’s job. The senior profiles answer his/her questions and give him/her regular feedback on his/her performance and the quality of the tasks he/she is given. The D365 Finance Associate is trained in parallel with theoretical support and through presentations in which he/she participates, in order to pass the Microsoft Dynamics Finance certification as soon as possible.

The D365 Finance Associate is in direct contact with the client. These interventions may require travel at a national or international level, depending on the client’s needs.

He/she will gather WorkinWith customer requirements, design and/or implement technologies that best fit the customer’s business strategies and objectives.

The D365 Finance Associate is attached to the F&O department and reports to the F&O Finance Department Manager in Switzerland.

The D365 Finance Associate will provide simple training to end users as deemed appropriate by the Manager during the various phases of the project to familiarize them with the various functions of Dynamics.

Main responsibilities

Train you on the Finance functions of Dynamics 365 F&O.

  • Gain proficiency with the Microsoft Dynamics D365 F&O application and learn how to evaluate the customer’s business processes against the Microsoft Dynamics functionality.
  • Document the customer’s business requirements detailing the actions requested of the solution and the expected results.
  • Collaborate, as necessary, with business stakeholders to ensure requirements, learn to align with business objectives and fully understand the customer’s current and future processes.
  • Learn to tailor the Microsoft Dynamics D365 F&O application to meet the customer’s business needs.
  • Facilitate the customer’s decision process and develop the functional design document that will drive the project development (if there is a need to modify or customize the processes or Microsoft Dynamics application).
  • Lead user testing and train users to handle and maintain the Microsoft Dynamics application.
  • Develop production materials as needed.
  • Conduct training during the various phases of the project to familiarize end users with the various functions of Dynamics in the finance area.

Skills & Qualifications

  • 0-2 years minimum experience as a Microsoft Dynamics D365 F&O expert with a focus on Finance
  • 0-2 years minimum experience developing functional specifications for Microsoft Dynamics D365 F&O enhancements and integration
  • 0-2 years minimum experience configuring, implementing, integrating and testing D365 F&O solutions using best practices implementation methods and/or Microsoft Sure Step methodology


Studies at a university of applied sciences or polytechnics


English and French (spoken and written)


Switzerland : Lausanne, Zurich

Start date of the contract

As soon as possible

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