D365 Finance Manager

The Dynamics 365 F&O Manager is involved in D365 ERP projects with WorkinWith customers. He/she brings his/her expertise, advises and accompanies the customers in the different phases of the project. He/she also supervises the more junior profiles who intervene on the project and trains them in his/her field of competence. He/she also participates in pre-sales with a team of WorkinWith experts.

These interventions may require travel at a national or international level, depending on the client’s needs.

The Dynamics D365 Finance Manager is in direct contact with the customer.

He/she collects the needs of WorkinWith customers and designs and/or implements the technologies that best match the customer’s business strategies and objectives.

The Dynamics D365 Finance Manager is attached to the F&O department and reports to the Head of F&O Finance.

The D365 Finance Manager organizes and delivers training to end users during the various phases of the project to familiarize them with the various Dynamics functions. Internally, he/she also participates in the theoretical training of the junior profiles and makes sure that they prepare and pass the Microsoft certifications related to their field of expertise, certifications that he/she will have passed or will prepare to pass.

As part of his/her role as Manager, he/she supervises the careers of less experienced profiles in his/her field of expertise. In particular, he/she organizes personal or telephone interviews in which he/she trains, supports and answers questions; he/she identifies the areas of progress of his/her „sponsors“ and sets up training courses which he/she supervises during the fiscal year. He/she also sets the objectives of his/her „sponsors“ at the beginning of the year or from the very first days at WorkinWith, in accordance with the regional and national strategy defined.

As a WorkinWith employee, he/she can organize his/her working time and telework from home by arranging a work place.

Main responsibilities

  • Provide expertise on the Finance functions of D365
  • Bring strong knowledge of the Microsoft D365 application and evaluate the client’s business processes against Microsoft Dynamics functionality
  • Document the customer’s business requirements detailing the actions requested of the solution and the expected results
  • Collaborate, as necessary, with business stakeholders to ensure requirements, align with business objectives and fully understand the customer’s current and future processes
  • Collaborate, manage and lead meetings with functional/technical consultants and customers/end users
  • Adapt the Microsoft D365 application to meet the customer’s business needs
  • Facilitate the customer’s decision process and develop the functional design document that will drive the development of the project (if there is a need to modify or customize the processes or Microsoft Dynamics application)
  • Lead user testing and train users to operate and maintain the Microsoft Dynamics application
  • Develop production materials as needed
  • Organize training sessions during the different phases of the project in order to familiarize end-users with the different functions of Dynamics in the finance field
  • Participate in pre-sales as requested by WorkinWith with a team of experts
  • Supervise the careers of your sponsors and manage a growing team
  • Supervise the work and tasks performed on projects by more junior profiles in your field of expertise

Skills & qualifications

  • Minimum 8 years experience as a Microsoft D365 expert with a focus on Finance
  • Minimum of 2 years experience developing functional specifications for Microsoft D365 enhancements and integration
  • Minimum of 2 years experience configuring, implementing, integrating and testing D365 solutions using best practice implementation methods and/or Agile methodology


Studies at a university of applied sciences or polytechnic

English and French spoken and written


Switzerland : Lausanne, Zurich

Start date of the contract
As soon as possible

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